Before your lease begins, please review this checklist to make your move-in as seamless as possible. 

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  • One week prior to the start of your lease, please contact New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) to ensure the gas and electric meters are transferred to your name. It takes a week to set up. Per the lease: "Tenant agrees to have the Electric and Gas kept in their name from the first day of the lease to midnight of the last day of the lease" — not the first day you move in.
    Contact NYSEG: 1-800-572-1111

  • If you do not have natural gas service, please contact Becky at Ehrhart Energy (one week prior to the start of your lease) to have the propane put in your name.
    Contact Ehrhart Energy: 607-387-8881



  • When you arrive, the door will be unlocked. Keys will be left over the door or on the counter inside the house. There will be two keys — one to the front door and one to your mail box located in the Meeting House.

  • Please remember that there is no smoking inside the houses nor in the community Meeting House.



  • For Wifi, many tenants use Time Warner Cable, Satelite, or Spectrum as the internet provider in their apartment. Additionally, you're welcome to use the free Wifi in the Meeting House.
  • Boiceville Cottages is located in the valley, so cell reception can be iffy at times. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have mixed reviews - but residents offer two solutions when asked in our community Facebook group. Choose one that works for you: 
    • use WiFi calling through your provider (most popular), or
    • purchase a Network Extender or booster (more expensive).



  • Place household trash in the provided dumpsters provided (no tags necessary).

  • Beige and circular compost bins are located in many areas around the Boiceville community. Here you can place yard wastes, such as leaves, grass clippings, weeds, fruit and vegetable scraps, and food wastes, such as coffee grounds, tea bags, and egg shells. Do not add meat, bones, fatty food wastes, such as cheese, grease, oils, dog and cat litter, diseased plants, invasive weeds, nor weeds that have gone to seed to the pile.

  • All recycling should be placed in single-stream recycling dumpster. Please break boxes down to save space.



  • Residents are welcome to use our tools, including brooms, carts, and other equipment like shovels - free of charge. We kindly ask that you return the tools immediately after use for other residents to use as well. All tools are found by the Boiceville Cottages' Office & Maintenance Garage - the yellow x stucco building with a garage door behind the dog park.

  • If you need more dirt for your garden, help yourself to the large pile of dark dirt by the second entrance to Boiceville Cottages. If the pile's empty, we're done for the season and will add more next year. 



  1. When outdoors dogs and cats must be kept on a leash at all times, except in the dog parks. This is a rule even if your dogs and cats are well-trained, even if you're only walking from your car to the cottage, and even if it's cold outside and you're only letting your dog or cat outside for a minute or two. Off-leash times are only permitted in the dog park. Otherwise, your pup must be on a leash. If outdoors, cats must always be walked on leash. [Here's what happens if your dog/cat is off-leash: Cat will find your neighbor's garden box and go to town on their rutabaga and tomato plant. It's gross, and your neighbor will be upset. Dog will inevitably defecate when you're not looking and you won't pick the feces up. It's gross, and your neighbor will be upset. For everyone's safety, your pets' safety, and our sanity, please keep your pets on a leash every time you're outside (unless in dog park).  
  2. Pick up after your pets and deposit bags in the trash bins. It's no fun sending out community-wide email reminders about this. Be good to each other, please.
  3. When leaving the dog park, please remember any/all dog poop bags and deposit these in the trash bin.
  4. If you're walking your cat outdoors, pick up after your cat, too. We can't say this enough. 
  5. Be mindful of service dogs and their owners. Service dogs will have vests on and are trained to help their owners live with ease. Please respect the fact that even though these dogs are beloved by their owners and very happy doing what they are trained to do, they are not pets. Service dogs are working dogs trained to do specific things to enable their owners to live as normally as possible. Some service dogs are trained to warn their owners when people, objects, or animals are approaching, and to warn those approaching to keep their distance. Other dogs must not be allowed to approach service dogs — even to "meet and greet". Understand that if an owner of a service dog says, "Please do not approach my dogs", or "Please do not try to pet my dogs", they're not being rude! And this is in no way a judgement on you or your dog. This is simply a way to keep everyone happy and safe. 





  • Please be considerate about parking: If you own several cars, park some in a lot farther from your cottage to allow your neighbors to park close to their homes.

  • Try your best to park close to other cars and allow the maximum number of cars in each lot.



  • Follow Boiceville Cottages on Facebook and Instagram for featured photos and event announcements.

  • Share your photos with #BoicevilleCottages, #BoicevilleDogs, or #BoicevilleCats (and tag us with @boiceville_ if you'd like!) to be featured in our photo of the week. 

  • Join the Boiceville Community Facebook Group to connect with your neighbors, hear about community events, and sell items.

  • Subscribe for the Boiceville Cottages newsletter at the bottom of the website. On the first of each month, we share some of our favorite, local events and destinations. If you'd like to promote event for an upcoming month, please reply to the newsletter and let us know.

  • Cleanliness of house. Remember that you have agreed to the following: "Tenant agrees that upon termination of lease, Tenant will vacate the premises and leave the premises, including stove, shower, appliances, floors, and other items in as clean a condition as they were when Tenant took possession." 
  • Please notify NYSEG and/or Ameri-Gas to take the meters out of your name as of midnight of the last day of your lease. 
  • Please be sure to contact your telephone and cable company to terminate your service. This is important for an easy transition for the next tenant. 
  • Please leave your door unlocked with front door and mail box keys on counter.

Prior to moving out, please review these helpful reminders.

Boiceville Cottages
301 Boiceville Road Brooktondale, Ithaca, NY 14817
Phone: 6072274791