Here are the most popular resident questions! If you have other questions, drop us an email, and we’d be happy to help you.


We know that maintenance issues can arise occasionally. Our on-site team, led by George, is ready to help. Schedule an appointment via the online form, and we'll reach out to you ASAP. (Please use the form so that the right team can read your submission.)


Once you have your three-digit cottage number "###", you have your address! All are written in the same format: ### Boiceville Road, Brooktondale, NY 14817. For example, 123 Boiceville Road, Brooktondale, NY 14817. Please note that all odd numbers are on one side of the road, even numbers on the other side - just like any house and mailbox!


With this online map, locate your cottage and get a real sense of its placement within the community (helpful photos on the map, too).

is there parking near me?

Try your best to park close to other cars and allow the maximum number of cars in each lot. Please be considerate about parking: If you own several cars, park some in a lot farther from your cottage to allow your neighbors to park close to their homes.


Many tenants use Time Warner Cable, Satellite, or Spectrum as the internet provider in their apartment. There is also free Wifi in the Meeting House.

what is the cell reception like?

Boiceville Cottages is located in the valley, so cell reception can be iffy at times. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have mixed reviews - but residents offer two solutions when asked in our community Facebook group: use WiFi calling through your provider (most popular), or purchase a Network Extender or booster (more expensive). 


To clean your kitchen's copper counters: Many residents have recommended Bar Keepers Friend, or, for an all-natural option, lemon and salt, or a flour paste with vinegar and salt. Here's a good DIY guide for the all-natural option. Also, please remember that there is no smoking inside the houses nor in the community Meeting House.

WHERE IS MY garden box?

Each cottage comes with its own raised garden bed located just beside your cottage. For the Gatehouse apartments, the garden beds are side-by-side. Please mark which box you’re using so that your neighbor doesn’t accidentally start gardening where you’ve planted seeds! Please note that there's only one allocated per cottage, so even if the bed is empty realize that a new tenant may be moving in shortly.

Residents are welcome to use our tools, including brooms, carts, and other equipment like shovels - free of charge. We kindly ask that you return the tools immediately after use for other residents to use as well. All tools are found by the Boiceville Cottages' Office & Maintenance Garage - the yellow x stucco garage behind the dog park.

If you need more dirt for your garden, help yourself to the large pile of dark dirt by the second entrance to Boiceville Cottages. If the pile's empty, we're done for the season and will add more next year. 

how can i address barking issues?

In order to keep the peace/ quiet in the community, we ask that you ensure your dogs are comfortable and not barking while you're out of the house. Some tips: Try closing your curtains, turning music/ tv on, and buying a citronella bark collar to help your dog cope with your absence/ new environment. Email us other tips at

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