We’re proud of our flexible pet policy at Boiceville Cottages. To that end, we require that all pet owners adhere to our leash laws & clean up policy.

Leash dogs and cats

When outdoors dogs and cats must be kept on a leash at all times. Please respect this policy even though your pets are well-trained, only walking from your car to the cottage, and even your pet is only outside for a minute or two. Off-leash times are only permitted in the dog park. Otherwise, your pets must be on a leash.


Pick up after your pets and deposit bags in the trash bins. It's no fun sending out community-wide email reminders about this. Be good to each other, please.


Only in the parks are dogs allowed to be off leash. When leaving the dog park, please remember any/ all dog poop bags and deposit these in the trash bin. In one year we received 27 emails from dog owners about others leaving poo bags behind. We get that someones you can leave and accidentally forget the poo bag; if that happens, come back and deposit the bag!


Be mindful of service dogs and their owners. Service dogs will have vests on and are trained to help their owners live with ease. Please respect the fact that even though these dogs are beloved by their owners and very happy doing what they are trained to do, they are not pets. Service dogs are working dogs trained to do specific things to enable their owners to live as normally as possible. Some service dogs are trained to warn their owners when people, objects, or animals are approaching, and to warn those approaching to keep their distance. Other dogs must not be allowed to approach service dogs — even to "meet and greet". Understand that if an owner of a service dog says, "Please do not approach my dogs", or "Please do not try to pet my dogs", they're not being rude! And this is in no way a judgement on you or your dog. This is simply a way to keep everyone happy and safe.

Address barking problems

In order to keep the peace/ quiet in the community, we ask that you ensure your dogs are comfortable and not barking while you're out of the house. Some tips: Try closing your curtains, turning music/ tv on, and buying a citronella bark collar to help your dog cope with your absence/ new environment. Email us other tips at hello@boicevillecottages.com.  

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