Perfect for one person or a couple, the Tiny House 1 Bedroom + Loft is our newest design.

The unit is 650 square feet, which is larger than the Studio 1 Bedroom but smaller than the Charming 1 Bedroom + Loft unit. Like all of our apartments, the Tiny House has a standing clothes washer and dryer in the bathroom, a shower tub, and a full kitchen, including a compact refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven, kitchen, and microwave. The electrical appliances are all compact and in proportion with the size of the apartment. If you're interested in larger appliances, we would recommend our Charming 1 Bedroom + Loft or Classic 2 Bedroom + Loft apartments. Either a ladder or a staircase leads to the storage loft above. The apartment rents for $1,415/month (with ladder) and $1,445/month (with staircase).

Boiceville Cottages
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