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12 month leases only, save for one Airbnb for overnight stays

+ What are your prices?

  • Studio 1 Bedrooms start at $1,225/mo.

  • Corner Studio 1 Bedrooms start at $1,335/mo.

  • Tiny House 1 Bedroom + Storage Loft Cottages start at $1,415/mo.

  • Charming 1 Bedroom + Loft Cottages start at $1,445/mo.

  • Classic 2 Bedroom + Loft Cottages start at $1,545/mo.

  • Spacious 2 Bedroom + Loft Cottages start at $1,745/mo.

  • Gatehouse 3 Bedroom Cottages start at $1,775/mo for shower-only units, $1,845/mo for tub-and-shower units, and $1,895/mo for units with balcony off upstairs bedroom.

    Please note: These are starting prices. Rent may be higher depending on style (i.e. Gaudí-inspired cottages with curved roof), added features (i.e. larger stove/oven than in other units), and the year in which the cottage was built (i.e. 2014 v. 1996).

    + Do you require first and last month's rent, and a security deposit?

    Yes. Upon signing a lease, we require an initial $500 deposit hold fee, payable to Schickel Rentals, LLC. Security/Damage deposit equal to one month’s rent is required (with $500.00 paid as the deposit hold fee). First and last month's rent is required before move-in.

    + Once I sign a lease, where should I send the rent checks?

    Drop your check in the Rent Box by the kitchen counter in the community Meeting House. Otherwise, mail the checks to the address listed on the top of your lease. If you're interested in an automatic payment, contact hello@boicevillecottages.com for instructions.

    + I'd like to visit. Do you have an Airbnb?

    Yes, we're pleased to offer an Airbnb listing for overnight stays.

    If your parents are coming into town and need a place to stay, or if you'd like to get a sense of ‪tiny house‬ living, this place is for you. Three bedrooms, one and a half bath, washer-and-dryer, and fully furnished: This is a perfect weekend getaway and can accommodate up to six people. If you're a resident (and don't have an Airbnb account), you may contact airbnb@boicevillecottages.com to book a night. Otherwise, please book on Airbnb directly. Thanks!

    + Do you offer month-to-month leases?

    No. Each lease is for 12-months or 24-months. We don't rent the cottages month-to-month or for a different number of months. If you're interested in a short term rental, consider booking the Airbnb for a month at a time.

    + Are the cottages unfurnished?

    Yes. Apart from the short-term Airbnb rental, the furnishings are up to you! All cottages are equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven, and washer/dryer.

    + Do you have a wait list?

    Yes, submit a rental inquiry noting your top cottage choices, and we'll be in touch!

  • + Do you have other locations?

    Yes. La Bourgade On Seneca is our second location, a community of 40 tiny houses in Burdett, New York. Located 15 miles to Trumansburg, New York, and 25 miles to Ithaca, New York and Cornell University, La Bourgade on Seneca is a great choice for graduate students, couples, families, and seniors.


    Pet policy, utilities, cell reception, and maintenance

    + I'm a dog-owner; do you allow pets?

    Yes, we have two 190' long dog parks so you can exercise and play with your dogs. We allow up to three pets per cottage. No pet deposit nor a monthly pet fee is required, but we strictly require that all dogs must get along well with other dogs. Only well-behaved pets (cats and dogs only), please.

    + Are utilities included?

    No. You must contact service providers to set up electric and gas (some cottages use natural gas, others propane), as well as Wifi, cable, and phone. Cottages (odd numbers only) #303 - #459 use propane.

    + What is an average energy bill?

    Utilities typically run $55-100/mo depending on the cottage option. In general, you can expect these costs:

  • $55-75 for Studios and Tiny House 1 Bedroom cottages

  • $75-100 for 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom cottages (more for the Gatehouse 2 Bedroom)

    + How are the cottages heated?

    All of the cottages are incredibly warm and efficient! Natural ventilation circulates warm air in the winter and offers a cooling "chimney effect" which minimizes the need for artificial air conditioning in the summer.

    You can heat your home for a fraction of the expense you may be used to - using just one small, attractive gas heating stove for the whole house. The heating unit is controlled by a thermostat in the living room and circulates heat well throughout the house. For colder nights, there is also electric baseboard heating in the downstairs bedroom and bathroom.

    + Are there any added fees?

    There are no pet fees, trash, recycling, water or sewer fees.

    + Do you offer compost and recycling?

    Yes, we offer composting for organic matter so that nothing reusable is wasted. Recycling services are also provided with bins emptied weekly.

    + Can I have Wifi in my apartment?

    Yes. Many tenants use Time Warner/ Spectrum as the internet provider for their apartment. Additionally, you're welcome to use the free Wifi in the Meeting House.

    + Which cell provider has the best coverage?

    Boiceville Cottages is located in the valley, so cell reception can be iffy at times. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have mixed reviews - but residents offer two solutions when asked in our community Facebook group:

  • use WiFi calling through your provider (most popular), or

  • purchase a Network Extender or booster (more expensive).

    + Who is responsbile for lawn mowing and snow removal?

    Our team at Boiceville is responsible for mowing the lawn and keeping the driveways free of snow. Residents are, however, responsible for shoveling their own sidewalk.

    + Can I submit a maintenance request?

    Yes. Visit our Maintenance Request page to provide details regarding the issue.


    Location, schools, parking, and transport

    + How far to Cornell?

    Just 15 minutes to downtown Ithaca, Cornell University, and Ithaca College.

    + What is the school district?

    Ithaca City School District: Caroline Elementary School, Dewitt Middle School, and Ithaca High School.

    + Is there public transport?

    Boiceville Cottages is on TCAT Bus Route 53 which connects to all routes for employment, shopping and leisure activities. Although Boiceville has a peaceful rural feeling it is well connected to the best urban amenities the region has to offer. Click here for the TCAT bus route.

    + Where can I park my car?

    While there is no covered parking, each trio of cottages has a section of parking available for the renters. Parking is approximately 50-75 feet from the cottages.


    Community center, events, Facebook group, and local recommendations

    + Can I book the Meeting House?

    Yes, the community Meeting House is available to our tenants, free of charge, to rent out and use for their own parties/events. The space is equipped with full kitchen facilities, some exercise equipment, free Wifi, tables, chairs, and sofas. Outside of the Meeting House you'll find a barbeque pit, picnic tables, and a playground. Please reserve your date by adding your cottage number, name, and phone number on the calendar in the Meeting House.

    + How often are community events held?

    We typically host three events per year: a summer picnic, a Halloween party (hosted by the community), and lastly a holiday party.

    + Is there a community Facebook group?

    Yes. In addition to Boiceville Cottages' Facebook page, current and future residents are welcome to join our community Facebook group.

    + Where can I sign up for yoga classes?

    Our in-house yoga instructor Carol James just set up her own studio in Brooktondale! Email her at carolsjames@gmail.com for the Saturday morning class schedule, class information, and prices.

    + Are there any nearby grocery stores or horseback riding?

    Only 2.5 miles away, Brookton's Market is the go-to organic grocery and cafe. We're big fans of their coffee and sandwiches! If you're interested in horseback riding, Quickland Stable is a minute down the road.

    + Any hiking recommendations?


    Sustainability at Boiceville Cottages

    + How is the community sustainable?

    We use no harmful chemicals on lawns or roadways. No pesticides or herbicides are used anywhere on the site. Our cottages are sited in clusters and carefully landscaped to retain as much as possible of the natural aspects that our location affords.

    + Is the water managed sustainably?

    Boiceville Cottages has a state of the art water system with two pump houses. The pump houses work together to ensure that you will always have an adequate supply of safe, potable water. Our storm water retention pond system offers gradual release of storm waters to deter flooding. The ponds are beautiful in themselves but they are scientifically designed to achieve a very practical purpose -- an added bonus that the spring freshets beautify the scenery to elicit pastoral splendor as you stroll the grounds and its ponds.


    Move-In & Move-Out Checklists

    + What should I review before moving into my cottage?

    We created an extensive Move-In Checklist, which outlines locating your cottages on a map, finding your keys, turning on gas/ electric, & more!

    + I'm about to move out of my cottage. How can I get my security deposit back?

    Please review our Move-Out Checklist, which covers cleaning your cottage, leaving your keys, and providing a forwarding address to receive your deposit.

    Boiceville Cottages
    301 Boiceville Road Brooktondale, Ithaca, NY 14817
    Phone: 6072274791