I moved to the Ithaca area to attend school at Cornell, and I’m so happy that I found the Boiceville Cottages! This is a wonderful place that allows for simple, laid-back living with close proximity to Cornell. The cottages themselves are very spacious and are quality built. Plus, it’s a great place if you have pets!
— Jennifer M.

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We really enjoyed our time in Boiceville. Our 3BR gatehouse cottage was so cozy and well designed and maintained by Bruno and his crew. The setting is just beautiful — a wonderful way to live in the country without being isolated. Highly recommended.
— Julie D.
I don’t know what was more exciting—my sabbatical at Cornell University or living in Boiceville’s tiny house community.
— Lori W.
I loved living in the Boiceville Cottages. Bruno is a great landlord and always took care of any issues I had within minutes of my phone call.
— Jeanne W.
This is the best place I’ve ever lived! Houses are amazing plus it’s a real community with friendly neighbors and community events!
— Lynn B.
My husband and I lived in one of the original cottages for a little over a year, and it is still my favorite place that I’ve lived. Our son had his first birthday there. His first head first dive out of the crib, his first steps on the sidewalk out front. Two of our best friends lived right next door and we could talk and laugh through the windows. Said windows are very close to the ground, which gives you the feeling of being closer to the outside, which to us was priceless. I first saw these cottages when I was home from college for the weekend — possibly in 1999 or 2000... I immediately fell in love and vowed to someday live in one, although at the time I was committed to “never living near home again!”. Five or six years later, I found myself placidly dwelling in one, mowing the entire lawn of the whole development, making friends with the French-Canadian neighbors, taking care of the sweet elderly lady who lived on her own, and feeling like we had our own little utopia that I never wanted to leave. I still wish we hadn’t. A wee small for the four of us, it would be, but it would be worth it!
— Megan D.
We moved up from NYC seeking space, peace and quality of life and found everything we were looking for and more at Boiceville.
— Zach & Tucker
This tiny house community is instantly welcoming. It’s a place where you make friends (human and animal) for life.
— Lori W.
Boiceville has been a great place for me and my dog, Chance. With friendly neighbors, a helpful landlord, and maintenance team, and an accommodating, pet-friendly community, Boiceville offers a fantastic rental experience. I especially enjoy Boiceville’s dog park! I am a student at Cornell, and the commute to class has been a very easy one. Whether you choose to drive to campus or take the bus, you will find that Boiceville is an excellent choice for students.
— Pauline M.
Mr. Schickel and his construction crew are all very helpful, and provide timely and helpful customer service.
— Robert R.
With craft night, game night, yoga classes, book club, and happy hours, there’s not a minute to be bored.
— Lori W.
My husband and I lived at Boiceville for 2 years while he finished his degree at Cornell, and only left because of a job offer out of state. When moving to the Ithaca area, we were looking for a rental community that was peaceful, pet friendly, and an easy commute to campus. Boiceville was the perfect choice! We immediately fell in love with the charming cottages, farmland views, and neighboring horses. Bruno was a great landlord - always very accommodating and someone who truly takes pride in maintaining this community. We have so many wonderful memories in our cottage (a grey & yellow 1 BR + loft) and it will always be the first home we began our married life in together. We highly recommend Boiceville for anyone looking for a true sense community and beautiful environment to call home.
— Jennifer H.
We both had a really enjoyable time living at Boiceville and take many great memories with us. Thank you again for making it such a wonderful community. We will miss it as well. Please also give our sincere thanks and best wishes to George [Boiceville Cottages’ maintenance manager] who was very helpful in many ways during our stay.
— Nina and Samitha
I moved to Boiceville in June of 2014 to be near family. My husband is wheelchair bound with Parkinson’s disease. Even before we arrived Bruno and staff worked to make the cottage safe and comfortable for him. The features include wide doorways, a walk-in shower, and safety bars. Our needs have been met quickly and with kindness.
— Christine U.
Boiceville Cottages are a colorful array of small cottage-style homes that are the perfect solution for graduate students, professionals or even young families seeking short- and long-term rental. You can’t help but feel cheerful during the long cold winters in New York when you look outside and see an explosion of brightly painted homes with lattice edging. A short commute into Ithaca and other nearby towns, but distance enough to let you enjoy the NY countryside!
— Ann G.
Boiceville’s distinguishing feature is its picture book cottages, nestled in the foothills outside of Ithaca. The community’s true hallmark, though, is its people. Neighbors quickly became friends. Service issues were quickly addressed by the attentive and visible owner, Bruno Schickel, and his friendly and accessible team. In Boiceville’s case, you can confidently judge a book by its cover!
— Boris B.
I moved to the Ithaca area a couple years ago for a job at Cornell, and I have enjoyed making my home in one of the Boiceville Cottages. It is really nice living in such a new and nicely built home, and I especially like all of the natural wood surfaces in the interior. Bruno is a great landlord, and always responds quickly to maintenance issues. Also, if you enjoy road biking, Boiceville Cottages is in a great location for that - there are many nearby roads that offer nice rides with scenic views of the countryside (and minimal traffic). Biking to Cornell is a good way to fit a workout into my commute - it takes me 35-40 minutes.
— Beth N.
To Bruno & Co: I’ve enjoyed my time here at Boiceville so far! Fun community, friendly people, and great aesthetics. Glad to be part of the neighborhood!
— Ellie F.
A wonderful community where you can spend quiet time alone, chat with a neighbor if you are in the mood to socialize, work in your garden, or stroll around the village, the ponds or the fields.
— Barbara R.
Nancy and I have rented all over the country for over 12 years, and Boiceville was the finest rental experience we’ve ever had. The conscientious management, the lovely setting, and the wonderful community truly made it our home. When we had the opportunity to buy a home this year, our only question was: “Do you really want to leave Boiceville? We have moved to Freeville (to a little house that’s remarkably like our old cottage), but Boiceville will forever be in our hearts.
— Tom & Nancy B.
Simple, functional, beautiful: necessities for ‘beneath the lamplight’ home making.
— JC H.
Great place to live. Quiet, clean, nice neighbors. Thanks Bruno.
— Erich H.
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