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If you are looking for a single family, free-standing rental apartment in Ithaca, New York, comparable in every way except the headaches to home ownership, consider Boiceville Cottages. They are built by the Schickel Construction Co., one of the area's premier builders, to the same high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail that Schickel Construction puts into its six and seven figure custom homes. Boiceville's sister tiny house community — La Bourgade on Seneca — is now open and accepting new residents.


"Boiceville’s distinguishing feature is its picture book cottages, nestled in the foothills outside of Ithaca. The community’s true hallmark, though, is its people. Neighbors quickly became friends. Service issues were quickly addressed by the attentive and visible owner, Bruno Schickel, and his friendly and accessible team. In Boiceville’s case, you can confidently judge a book by its cover!"



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Boiceville Cottages
301 Boiceville Road Brooktondale, Ithaca, NY 14817
Phone: 6072274791