The 6 must-know items for a seamless move-in day

1. gas & electric (important)

One week prior to the start of your lease, please ensure the gas and electric meters are transferred to your name. It takes a week to set up. Per the lease: "Tenant agrees to have the Electric and Gas kept in their name from the first day of the lease to midnight of the last day of the lease until the last day of the lease" — not the first day you move in nor the day that you move out. 

Natural Gas & Electric: Call NYSEG at 1-800-572-1111 
Propane Gas*: Call Ehrhart Energy at 607-387-8881 
*Only cottages with odd numbers 303 - 459 use propane.

2. MAP

Locate your home on this map.


When you arrive, the door will be unlocked. Keys will be left over the door or on the counter inside the house. There will be two keys — one to the front door and one to your mail box located in the Meeting House. If you don't see an engraved number on your mail key, use this chart to determine your box number. 

If you don't see your keys, check the back of the door/ kitchen drawers. If you don't see them, contact Bruno at 607-227-4791 and email

FOR COTTAGES #201 - #346



Please use our complimentary Wifi in the community ‘Meeting House’ until your internet is set up. (Tip: Many tenants use Time Warner Cable, Satellite, or Spectrum as the internet provider in their apartment.)

4. Parking

Try your best to park close to other cars and allow the maximum number of cars in each lot. Please be considerate about parking: If you own several cars, park some in a lot farther from your cottage to allow your neighbors to park close to their homes.


5. trash, recycling, and compost (no tags required)

Place household trash in the provided dumpsters provided.

Beige and circular compost bins are located in many areas around the Boiceville community. Here you can place yard wastes, such as leaves, grass clippings, weeds, fruit and vegetable scraps, and food wastes, such as coffee grounds, tea bags, and egg shells. Do not add meat, bones, fatty food wastes, such as cheese, grease, oils, dog and cat litter, diseased plants, invasive weeds, nor weeds that have gone to seed to the pile.

All recycling should be placed in single-stream recycling dumpster. Please break boxes down to save space. 

Boiceville Cottages
301 Boiceville Road Brooktondale, Ithaca, NY 14817
Phone: 6072274791